Is the MoM lightsaber in the LFL archive?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by gjw, Jan 1, 2012.

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    I know that many on here have or have had access to the Lucasfilm archive and I wondered if anyone had ever had a chance to examine the Luke ROTJ Magic of Myth lighsaber.
    Does anything actually move other than the slide-open control box?
    That's the only part I've ever seen moved in any of the photographs and in the cut-but-now-restored "Luke builds his lightsaber" scene that's also the only part that we actually see move.
    We do get to see working lights, which I don't remember the MoM having, but those could have been added post-production.

    The release of eFX's new Reveal lightsaber has got me wondering why Lucasfilm would have authorized the release of a saber so obviously patterned after the Elstree reveal.
    Was the Elstree reveal truly commissioned by Lucasfilm but never screen-used?
    Was the Elstree an insider's unauthorized copy of the MoM which did actually have all of those reveal elements but just never shown on-screen?

    I just can't see why LFL would have taken a move that can only be seen to validate Elstree's claims when so many others have refuted them.

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