is THAT another V2 thread?!


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This is another project that once was thought complete, but wasn't and modification after modification was made. Well, I can now look at this saber as done, at least as far as posting goes. Here's a pic by pic look at where she was when I got her and what she looks like now.

Alterations made but not in order:
- the added washers to the neck under the "windvene". The first was too thin so I changed that to a thicker washer
- saber itself was weathered to reflect the movie hilt
- allen head screw added until I can find a filister screw to take its place
- emitter was modified to have the nib
- tape was added to the clamp
- the pommel was swapped out with one of Roman's to give the saber a more accurate look as well as a bit of reflection to Old Ben's




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Very nice it is too.

The V2 saber is so much more appealing than the 'hero' prop, IMO. I think it's possibly the Graflex clamp that does it.

Anyway, your V2 looks great to me, nice job. :thumbsup


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Very Nice. What are all the parts that you used I've always wanted to build a saber.


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very nice job, this is becoming my treasure of my collection. I had one once and due to bills it had to go, I have since been able to get my hands on one and finish it, this ones staying.