Is it me?


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Okay am I doing something wrong?

Through RPF, Rebel Legion, 501st and other recommendations I have been given the name of 7-8 custom costume shops over the past two weeks, such as God Save The Queen, Nerd Tailor and others. They are all still running active websites or facebook pages.
I have contacted them all about some commissioned costume work I would like to have sewn/created. And all of the have either not responded at all or said they are no longer taking commissions, despite still running web pages advertising their commission work.

Am I doing something wrong? Being new to the costuming/cosplay world (Im just an old star wars fan who wants to become active in the costume community) is their some secret password Im unaware of?

Does anyone know of a custom costume/tailor shop that has experience with Star Wars costumes, does quality work and is currently taking on new work?
I'd appreciate any help or advice on the matter.


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Only think I can think of is they assume you aren't looking to pay what custom work costs. If you mention a low dollar figure or don't seem to want to spend much money, they may let your messages slide on by for 'bigger fish'. Best guess. Or, maybe they're all just slammed with work.


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Unfortunately I think your issue might be timing. We are now in the Summer Con Season so many commissioners will already have their plates full with costumes coming due in the upcoming weeks. It is not you or anything you are doing, they simply do not have time to complete additional costumes. It would be nice of them to list on their sites that they are full on commissions for the next X months, but I guess people aren't always so diligent.

My only other suggestion if you are having bad luck would be to try to find someone selling a pre-made costume and hope it fits well. You can occasionally find sellers on ebay, Etsy, and the like. I am not really involved in the Star Wars community so unfortunately I can't really recommend a seller. Short of that, there is never a bad time to learn to sew :)


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Logan I haven't actually mentioned any dollar figure as it never gets that far.

Tiny hippo, that's understandable but shouldn't they be scheduling for this fall then when things slow down? Add me to a list or something?
I realize they are all small businesses but I can't believe they all have such horrible customer service/communication.

Again if anyone knows of someone who wants work let me know.


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Try putting a WTB ad in the Junkyard with what you want done and maybe someone will come to you instead. :thumbsup


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For what I've experienced is this prop stuff takes allot of time. Allot of these guys do this part time and have real world things in order, work, wife, kids. So it's not their Main form of income. Everything I've ordered or runs of joined takes time. Most stuff I've waited over a year for, I can't complain because the wait is worth it

if your in a rush like some have suggested post a WTB Thread. Maybe even send another email showing how seriously interested you are in their product?


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exactly what haliwax said

i run a prop/costuming gig, this time of the year us makers are usually busy with commissions, as comic con in my city is less than 5 months and i have 2 suits to make on top of my own costume, even after the next con another ~10 months, and each suit takes a good 1-2 months to complete. if i were in your shoes OP i wouldnt take it personally, most commission type works are first come first serve and slots fill up quickly. i dont do sewing, but if you havent already i see god things from hamptons jedi outfitters if thats along what you need done. theres also bound to be someone that can do what you need, hit up a smaller con/comic show and ask around
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