Is anyone making good Stargate SG-1 models?

Sluis Van Shipyards

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I see a lot of 3D printed SG1 kits, but I wanted to see what's available, and what are actually good kits from Stargate SG1. I think the first one I'm looking for is a F-302 fighter.


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My advice would be to join a few Stargate related groups on Facebook and see what people have posted there as well ask there too. I've seen people show various Stargate related prints in the different Stargate groups from time to time but I can't remember where they got their STLs from though.


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Eaglemoss is starting to do Stargate stuff

First up is the Stargate Daedalus BC-304 Battlecruiser


While not models, given the absence of any, they can be a stand in and you can even repaint them, or add some additional detailing

For example, their Cylon Raider happened to be just about right for 1/72 scale and I picked one up. I still want to repaint/weather it, but it fits



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Are there any active ZPM projects anywhere?
There's a Facebook group that is casting ZPM's but haven't yet posted a finished product for sale.. though they should be close to doing that. Google "Stargate Prop Facebook" and one of the links should be theirs. Currently they are also restoring a "squid" drone from Atlantis.


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Yeah, I think I know the one. I signed up and received an email they'll be casting soon. Gonna be like 400Euros. I already have 2 from another maker that I've had for almost 10 years. I also got an ARG from the same maker.

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