Is anyone here from Bosnia, Serbia, The Netherlands? HELP NEEDED


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I am in need of some assistance purchasing a rare but inexpensive item for an obscure (not popular) prop. I have been hunting for this thing for months and finally found one on a sales site that is hosted in The Netherlands and is completely in Bosnian. I have made several attempts to create an account but because I'm in the U.S. I can never get passed the email verification before it blocks me. I've even tried a VPN.
I am wondering if anyone from Bosnia would be willing to get in contact with the seller and pass on my information that I am very interested in purchasing this item.
Or if they'd even be willing to buy it for me and have it shipped to me, anything! I'm desperate at this point. This is the only one I've seen pop up and it's likely to be the last one I see for quite a while.
If you are, or if you know someone, and are willing to help a fellow RPF member, please message me. There's a finder's fee in it for you!

You got me curious now haha. What was it?
OK as promised, here's the mystery item.

It's a CLOCK! hahaha

But not just any old boring clock, No no no. It is the most difficult, rare, and hard to find clock on the face of the earth, apparently!

See, this very specific model of German-made Braun brand travel alarm clock was only made for a year or two around 1982.

Do you know what else was made in 1982? My favorite film, Blade Runner!
This very non-descript clock was used as part of a very obscure background prop in Deckard's apartment. There is a magnifier screen prop that shows up in several scenes throughout the movie (it moves around a lot) and there are 3 Braun clocks laying face down on top of the "control panel" piece. I guess the idea was for them to look like components or adjustment knobs or something.
This particular clock has a very distinct looking back plate.

Here's the prop in question and if you look closely, you can see this clock on the left side of the control board.


I was able to source all of the other parts for this prop fairly easily but for some reason this one item, this stupid clock eluded me for months! I spent day after day, hour after hour hunting for one to the point that it became an obsession haha. I was at 99% and I just wanted to finish it!
FINALLY I spotted one for sale on a classifieds website in Serbia but when I tried to make an account to message the seller, I was immediately blocked because I'm in the US. I was trying to find someone who might be willing to contact the seller for me.
But I had a bit of good luck and the same seller posted this same item on a different website. I just happened to see it listed and I recognized it by the same photos used in the original listing. This time I was able to contact the seller,who I'm sure thought I was absolutely insane for wanting this dusty old clock from the 80's all the way in Serbia. A short time later (3 weeks actually) it arrived and I was FINALLY able to place the last remaining piece onto my replica screen and complete it!

And here it is!


I can finally rest easy, giving up hours of my life hunting for a stupid black box that's only job is to now sit face down. haha

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