Is anyone doing Icons style bases? PIX

Discussion in 'Studio Scale Models' started by jvasilatos, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. jvasilatos

    jvasilatos Sr Member

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    I have a Studio Scale X-Wing and TIE Fighter model I would love to be able to display with Icons style bases like these... is anyone making them?

    Please PM me or e-mail me at: Thanks.



  2. Watson

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  3. RickDTM

    RickDTM Sr Member

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    JV - I just got some of these very same tiles from JDH, and they are awesome.. I think they would fit your needs nicely...
  4. bobbyfett

    bobbyfett Active Member

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    I'd second JDH's panels. I got like 17 of them for some projects I'm working on. Great stuff. :)
  5. Qrest Fourstar

    Qrest Fourstar Sr Member

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    Starship modeler sells smaller tiles that are awesome. And they look quite similar to the Icons bases.

    Check them out at and go into their store, under star wars stuff and then bases.
  6. Aegis159

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    Ok I had replied to this thread before JDH did, why the hell was my post removed?.?.?.?.?.?. :angry

    No I'm not angry that JDH's reply is there first now, it's the fact that my post was removed without any explanation, or even acknowledgement from whomever did it... This is starting to get out of hand on this forum :angry :angry

    Sorry for the tangent....
  7. SSRN Seaview

    SSRN Seaview Well-Known Member

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    I would recommend you look for the old AMT/ERTL twin TIE fighter kit. There was a "deathstar" base included in that kit which supported two of TIE fighters.
  8. Treadwell

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    No one removed any of your replies. There was an accidental duplicate of this thread that was deleted, and it's possible you were replying to that one seconds before it went bye-bye, but you would've been replying in the one with nothing else in it instead of the one with replies. But it's one possible explanation.

    Next time, you could just ask nicely instead of flying off the handle. Wait until you're sure there's reason to be mad (and then be nice anyway).
  9. propcollector

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    I would like to know what the size of the icons base for the x-wing
    Can someone tell me what that size was?
  10. belleauwood

    belleauwood Well-Known Member

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    The resin base iteself is about 14.5 x 14.5, without any other base type.

  11. propcollector

    propcollector Sr Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    Thanks for the info
  12. Tony

    Tony Well-Known Member

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    Yep I agree, mainly because I mastered them :D I got your tiles right HERE.

    You can go crazy with them and configure them in any way you want.

    Here's another example.
  13. seknewb

    seknewb Active Member

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    Only problem is that they are sold out. I put in a pre-order a while ago and haven't heard anything.


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