IS anybody working on any batfleck items atm?


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Just checking if anyone is planning or working on any batfleck parts atm now there's more reference out there id be very interested to see what's in the works.


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Yup... Doing a belt at the moment. Trying to get a batsuit put together before my con in 3 weeks, I think I have plenty of time. I am replicating the belt as best I can. But the rest of the suit is just a bit of my imagination.. borrowing from Arkham city, Hush Arc, New 52, and a little bit of my own imagination... I will post when I get some stuff finished, waiting on some supplys to arrive at the moment.


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Reevz is working on an extremely accurate cowl. He has been working on it for 9 months now. I know he wanted to make sure it was as accurate as possible. He will post when it is done on Instagram.


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I personally don't see touching this suit. A lot of people are working on it already. I am more interested in being a fan this time around. But I am interested in the cape.
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