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It’s been awhile since I posted here but thought this would go perfect to show off my latest Build.
WHAT IF ...,,,, the Joker got his hands on Stark technology...specifically the Ironman suit. What would that look like? This is how I picture it.

The IronJoke helmetis painted in the Jokers signature colors purple and green (Metallic).
The Entire helmet is distressed Battle a Damaged from the many battles with the BAT. I tried to imagine the fights and how the helmet would be effected. Bullet Holes, road rash, large gashes, scratches, burns, and Some unexplainable damage. There’s a lot of thought going into this helmet. Here’s some of the details:
Harley lipstick kiss on back
“HELLO My Name Is PUDDIN” decal.
smiley face magnet
A dent on side of the helmet marked with red arrow and the word “BATS“ showing one spot Batman inflicted memorable damage to the helmet.
there’s etching on the jaw where the joker was counting his kills.
There’s an odd shaped gouge on the face mask resembling a bat.

inside: The helmet is two painted on post-it notes that reads “Kill the Bat” and “Michael Keaton is Batman” on the other.
inside the helmet is filled with some random wires , springs, and bits and pieces. It’s the Joker it doesn’t have to make sense in there.
There’s also a small wood pine tree air freshener dangling inside as well.
I’m sure it can’t smell good in there lol.
I’m sure I’m forgetting something but you get the idea. I love the idea of how the props used by superhero’s or villains could be affected if it changed hands. If I can track down some more helmets I may try some different crossovers. Maybe an Aquaman or Hulk helmet. I don’t remember where I got this particular helmet but I remember it was considered a Bad Pour and was very cheap. I know it’s not comic accurate and some of the wires don’t make any sense at all. Just built from supplies found around theLet me know what you guys think of my work.


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