Ironman multi-part helmet question

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by theblueraja, Apr 20, 2012.

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    Can anyone help?

    I've been looking on here for a while and have seen some awesome helms, but I'm finding it hard to identify how to cast sections.

    Can anyone link specific tutorial sections of threads that show how to best mold and cast a 3 part helmet? (main helm, faceplate and jaw or skullbase/neck)

    I'm guessing that it is better to cast each part seperately rather than cast a single helmet and cut it, but I'm having problems visualising how the molds will function.

    Hope someone can shed light on this. :)
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    There is alot in your question that needs clarification.

    For the most part, individual peices are cut from a master model, reworked where needed, fit back together for compatibility then individually molded.

    You may need to do an initial cast of you rmodel then cut that cast apart to start making your individual molds.

    There are some great tutorials over at just check out their sections on the left and look for something similar to what you are doing.
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    I have an almost completed helmet which was originally a pep but now has been built up considerably in DAS. I chose this as body filler was taking ages and I was always planning to cast. I have Easyflo to cast with.

    I was thinking of removing the face plate and either the jaw section or the lower back to allow a head to fit in and wondered if it was possible to cast these sections seperately to get a cleaner, no-hassle fit later.

    The face plate would be easy enough, but casting the rest of the helmet or the jaw is confusing me... I can be easily confused.:facepalm
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    Oh yes then you are on the same page, just remember that it is the "print surface" of the work you want to treat very gingerly.

    So cut up your model, clean up just the cut areas to avoid damaging the print surface and then refit it all back to gether to make sure.

    Then rubber it up and cast away IMO.

    I think really the step you might want to think forward on is how to get it to "stay" together once you have your pulls cleaned up and painted.

    Smooth-on's website has a really great number of videos and picture tutorials to help you see how to mold all sorts of shapes.

    They also have numerous youtube videos.

    I think that if you go there and check out their stuff, you will find it to be a great starting point.
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    do some search on the site.. like finhead,fingaz etc
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