Ironman mk43 foam build [finished]


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This my 1st thread here on the ref so bear with me �� Just want to share you guys my 2nd ironman foam build, the process and of course the finished suit.

The foam itself is 10mm. While I like the sturdiness with flexibility, I have to admit that it was a pain in the a** to work with it. Nex time I'll use 6-8mm.

Here is where it started

After finishing chest, back and helmet

LED for arc reactor (halo led ring)

The boots

Left leg

Test coloring, cobra red (graffiti spray)

Abs done... It was too big first so I had to modify it. I didnt have a pic of the abs+cod after finishing because it hate that whole piece!!!!. The foam for the abs is LD45 so it's more flexible than the 10mm eva foam which is most of the suit made out of

Test fitting ��

Another test fitting. It's so tight ��

Almost finished, just need to add straps and buckles to thighs and biceps, led at faceplate and then I'm ready for the Cologne Karneval in 1 1/2 weeks ��
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Thx! This is possible with the help of a lot of people who share their files, who upload video tutorials, and answer questions and give ideas aaaaaand patience. If u have any questions feel free to ask


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