ironman mk3 first ever pep has begun!


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hey folks i finaly got the pep veiwer working(i forgot to download it),so i started the build today,im using dancinfools files and from the look of the forearm that ive nearly done the size should fit me pretty well.i must admit i was suprised to see how many little folds they were,man there are some tiny ones,even cutting it all out is a mission itself as you all well know but im glad to get started on it,im starting on a full arm first to break myself into it,then i want the chest next,i imagine this will take me a long time but its gonna be worth it,ill try and put progress pics up as i go,i got to finish the forearm,then its elbow and shoulder then 1 arms done,ill spend a few hours peppin tommoro,thanks to dancinfool for making the files avaiable.
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Cool! You are doing exactly the same thing i did. The chest....many pieces thats for sure. I also like the Dancingfool files he is realy good in it. Only we still missing the legs. hehe :) keep up the good work and good luck whit cutting the pieces. Can you post some images from your creative artwork? I think you are already done by now. hehe
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I have almost finished my chest. It is actually quite easy... The helmet on the other hand took me about a week to cut and finish. Tons of tiny pieces and tiny folds. I am using the SharkHead helmet.


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With a bit of determination you can pop pep out quite realitvely quickly.

Best ive done was 15 pages @ 231 pieces over 8 hours in one sitting... and a few smoke breaks in between xD
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