Ironman Mark V Pepfile as .doc file for me


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Hi everyone,

i have a quick question: I can only print out the pep files in my company, but it´s forbidden to instal every program, like pepakura.
Is it possible, that you send me the pepfiles for the helmed as a doc file or something like that
or do you have a download link for me so that i could print it out without the pepakura software.
My helmsize is "M", if this is intristing?(normal adult size)

( )


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Yeah you are right, as PDF i could print that out, that would be great.

The link is wrong maybe.... just something with 7-zip win bla bla bla... :confused
Same as above. you can get a program "cute PDF writer" for free. I've use it for years and it works great. It prints the file to a PDF format that you can print wherever you like.


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it doesen´t work at my work i can´t open the link, cause of firewall or what ever.
Could anybody send the file to my bei email, please?
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