IRONMAN Easy Cut FOAM building


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Hello friends

This is my first Ironman building in foam. I was looking for some new material cause working with paper seems to be a hell of a job tho. Easy Click Foam in 5 mm thickness is really strong and flexible to work whit and really motivates me. The new material is used below wooden floors also cheap in price!

First of all i wanted to thank RPF to make it all possible to find all information about building costumes and everyone inside the community who helps me on this one. And of course my favorite ‘STEALTH’ and ‘BlackDynomo1’ how to work with fiberglass - primers - sanding and paint and ofcourse the laughing parts J.I Tested the material with paintbrush- primer and also if needed using fiberglass-primer and find out it’s not melting at all. When I am done I will update some picts. My next project will be a smaller one cause I think my kid wants to have one to! hehe

captured with Iphone.





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Wow, looking good! I was just telling someone else that I have been ify about using foam because I was afraid it wouldnt look as good as fiberglass, but this just looks amazing! Can't wait to see more pictures!

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Thanks ewhite00 and jnjoker100 :)

You are right. that fiberglassing killing most of my time! But i must say...with patience the result looks fine to. I just finished the left shoulder and back. I wil send some images
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To bend some parts together in the right angle:

Just an both sides from the middle line like 2 mm. and get it out.



Looks like a road lol :p


The right bending chest I love this one:

Can someone help me if there is a Foam PEP
for under the chest to connect het back and chest.
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That's a unique material to create your suit out of (compared with the EVA-style foam builds out there)... My dad actually used this type of foam when he built a body for his 3-wheel car back in the 80's, so I know it works well with fiberglass.

It looks good so far. I'll definitely be following your progress! :):thumbsup


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great work!, for the chest brace i just used robo's file and just adjusted it to be used for foam.

Whoow!!! I was looking your gallery. Many segments in the first papercraft version it's looking cooler and cooler and COOLER scrolling down! Awesome! you can start a fabric hehe


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Update my Foam Iron man helmet :) (using the STEALTH FOAM version)
2 things i was missing in this version. the little hole square in the chin and i bend the part of the jaw line to. I am really happy about the way it looks now. Still in progress with the backside of the helmet cause i like to rotate this part into the helmet.



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Soon i will make an update from the file foam version of the Helmet, cause many parts are not even or symmetric. Also for the mac users i will make this one in PDF document A4. In this version i also illustrate the back bottom of the helmet so it can flip up and down :)
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