Unlimited Run Ironman & costume commision


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Does anyone have any close-up pics of IM Nation's finished work? I'm thinking about getting a Mk43 foam suit from him and all the full body pics look great, but wanted to see how the paint and foam construction look up close. Thanks in advance :thumbsup


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Just placed my first payment/order for the Mark 46: Civil War. Very excited! He said the build time is up to 20 weeks, so keep that in mind when considering getting one.


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How custom- sized are these? Are the just scaled all around, or fully customizable for a great fit? I'm a thin 6'1" and would like a nice Ironman suit, as my fiberglass one is just too pretty to cut-up and fit.


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RAW's build is absolutely fantastic. I was lucky enough to be gifted with his armoured Batman build. The detail is absolutely incredible and precise. The paint job is where it really stands out. I've never seen such shine on a foam build before. It fit like a charm and just looked extremely professional. He was always funny and informed me that I would get my costume before NYCC which I did. RAW doesn't just deliver he goes above and beyond that. I cannot recommend him enough. If anyone is considering ordering from him I highly recommend it!

Thanks again buddy!