Ironclad - goriest battle?


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Couldn't find a thread on this...but has anyone else seen this movie? We discovered it on Netflix instant view last night. Interesting film about the rebellion that was started when Prince John retaliated against all the Barons that had forced him to sign the Magna Carta. I haven't the slightest clue what is truth or not in this movie unfortunately. Anyway, it has what was probably the most gory battle sequence I have ever seen. Crazy amounts of decapitations, someone being beaten with a severed arm, tongues being cut out, trebuchets exploding people into bits, and blood splatter on the camera. :confused I was fairly stunned.

Ironclad (2011) - IMDb


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It was a little long and boring at parts but I mainly watched this film simply because I heard how messed up it is.

Let's just say something didn't quite go over one persons head, it stopped just above the eyebrows ;)
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