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This is gorgeous work and one piece of art that I have always wanted to print and hang on my wall. Is this available anywhere for sale or download?


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Hi guys,
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post it, but it also could be in the Avengers section. Attached is the source and the redrawn version of the Stark Intership certificate for Peter Parker in US letter format. If anybody has got an idea what the font in the left part could be, please don't hesitate to write. My first guess was Futura bold, but it's not.

Thanks in advance.



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Jedi -->> I have a large collection of New York Times and Rolling Stones covers from Marvel, possibly around 20-30. I saved a large number on my cosplay page I think for viewing access. I didn't print every one off as they take a lot of INK, though have now mastered printing covers off and tend to go gloss or mat on a exclusive paper I sourced which sharpens the image and makes the text clearer.

Once I have spare cash I'll probably print a full set off for myself and a spare set to frame and use at cons. Shortly after will more than likely upload here.

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