Iron Man vs Deadpool

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    Hello guys,
    just posting a new thread battling two powerful marvel characters
    So, who would win, Iron Man or Deadpool
    Considering that Iron Man has his best armor and Deadpool will, well, nothing.
    Personally I think Iron Man would crush Deadpool no doubt about it
    whats ur opinon?
  2. infymys

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    Uhm. Deadpool is immortal. And besides, they would probably see who can annoy each other more with stupid jokes than actually fight.
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    I imagine the below as their 'fight' will Deadpool just teleporting around stealing Tony's stuff. Maybe even a suit. Apart from that though, as mentioned, he is actually immortal thanks to Thanos, even before this his regen abilities are absurd. His swords are almost indestructable, and he has the unpredictability to fight well

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