Iron Man Test Flight prop Cheap. (WIP)


So one more casual props I like from the Iron Man series was the Test Flight set up Tony Stark had. Ive seen a few done and decided to have go at it myself. I think its a great prop piece to have to walk around and be comfortable and still be recognized.
Note : Mostly for just for fun pics, and not aiming at 100% accuracy.

So starting off with some pics from some hottoy series and a well known screen shot.

Materials : Cardboard.
Eva Foam 2mm
Wood Glue.
Assorted random stuff : wires, led, etc.
So starting off I made some mock pieaces to work with. It was a speed build for a con that was reacent and i have fun but..ehh I wanted to make something a bit more finished.

So i Remade all the parts using Fiberboard, then covered it over with EVA foam. All the parts arnt following 100% accuracy to the just happy to have it close enough to be recongized.

Coated in several coats of glue. Raw, no added water. Some sliver spraypaint. and there we go. Ready for pre assembly.

Will post more as progress.
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