Iron Man Shoulders, Forearms, etc.

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    Just a quick boo through the threads, and not a lot seems to be out there with regards to particular articulations of particular pieces.

    I have two immediate questions:
    First... I am attempting the MkVI (and trying to hybridize it to MkVII before May) and have used Robo's pdf files.
    Kudos, by the way, Robo. If it hasn't been said already, you rock.

    My questions are these, for now (I'll have more shortly):

    1) Robo's files have the shoulders cast in two pieces... how do these fit together? I have assembled mine tenatively and they seem to articulate well enough with a couple of Chicago Screws holding them together (until I get them Bondo'd) ... what I am wondering is... do these two pieces permanently attach to each other... or do they articulate one on top of the other and pivot at the same points? When looking at some of the (awesome, by the way!) pics on these forums, most of the shoulder bells seem to be one unit, but it almost feels a little easier to move (and a lot less bulky) with the two pieces articulating together... plus... that's exactly what it appears the MkVII will be like in the upcoming movie.
    Any opinions/thoughts on this would be fantabulous.

    2) the forearms... specifically the wrist 'tube'... if you stand it on the edge that is closest to the elbow, there's a longer side and a shorter side... presumably for wrist bend. This MIGHT be a no-brainer, but which side goes where? I tried it with the long side to the back of the wrist, and it feels like I wouldn't get as much of a bend (extension) out of it that way... flipping it around, it feels like a better range of motion with the long end at the wrist... considering the hand plate is over the back of the wrist ANYway, it's not like there's any exposed joint line.
    Anyone have any thoughts or schematics that I could go from?



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