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Just got a piece of plexi glass to try and cut out a few Stark Industry phone plates. Anyone have suggestions on the best way to put the stark industries logo in the corner? I dont have the tools to do any etching or engraving, but what about a sticker? Thanks!
Clear waterslide decals may work. I've used them for an arm display it came out pretty good. Only issue is you cannot have any white in the image.
What do you mean no white in the image? The Stark Industries logo is completely white haha. Will this not work? I was rummaging through the office supply cabinet at work and found some labels that are clear with white lettering. The label maker we have hooks up to a PC so I am going to borrow it and try to make them with that tonight. I'm not very confident that the rectangular label will be discrete on the plastic and the edges will show.
For white waterslides, you might wanna try sending an email to They are able to do white on water transfer decals.
you might try covering the plexiglass and cutting the logo out and lightly sanding or sand blasting it to give it a frosted look
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