Iron Man Paints


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I have waded through many threads trying to find the right aerosol paint for the red in the costume. ALso do you clear coat afterwards? Thanks for your help.

I don't think there is really a "right" color... And if there is, I haven't seen it mentioned. Go to an auto store and check out what they have. I just used Duplicolor Medium Garnet Red Metallic that I found at O'Reilly's. Color looks pretty good to me...


As far as the clear goes, I would. Especially if you'll be wearing it. Want to protect the finish as you bump into things
Also, in The Art of Iron Man book they list a lot of different paint combinations they tried for the movie... You might give that a look
I've taken the color properties from a bunch of different paints that I have seen used, and they average out to a color with a RGB value of around 103 red, 12 green, and 20 blue. Google RGB calculator and enter those numbers, you will see what I mean

Examples are GM Cherry Red Metallic, Toyota Dark Salsa Red, Isuzu Red Rock Metallic, or any Duplicolor match.

Clear coats will protect it but will also make it glossy. I've heard of automotive top coats with a matte finish but they are more expensive.
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