iron man MK42 help


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so iv got everything underway...

helmet ready for resin... and some files to make a start on the armor.

there's a couple of things i wanted to get help with so i don't get stuck by the time i get to it...

the main thing is the face plate electronics.

my last helmet for the mk6 was fine, but servos were plastic so plan on upgrading to metal.

i cant seem to find and info on the best way to do everything.

my main plan is to use the suit for parties etc so need it to be durable and not have anything mess up on me

- - - Updated - - -

i also want to add that i would like to use this thread to complete the whole suit so would like as much help as possible!!

from best foam to use, ways to cover all the body and not have to wear a red suit underneath etc.

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