Iron Man MK42/43 Movable Jaw Concept


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Hi all,

I am quite new here but just wanna share my current build and ideas on the movable jaw for the MK42/43 helmet.

I remembered seeing some posts regarding this but it somewhat died off...

Anyway, just want to share some details i noticed.


I was working on the helmet for easy 3Dprinting, I noticed that the inner cheek piece doesn't move when the jaw moves forward,.
Here's the result after some modifications to the helmet.

MK43_3.JPG MK43_2.JPG

Here's a little link to the exploded view of the different parts for printing!

I'm still quite new to the simulation features in SW, so i guess I'm gonna just have it 3d printed and figure out the mechanisms.
Any suggestions for motorizing it...? (I'm a noob in these! =P)

Jason Loo
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Any chance you could provide a direct link to this video without having to sign up for something?


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Some progress on the 3D printed faceplate!
It's designed in 2 parts to save material on support and for my small printer!
Stuck together w acetone after tht.



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Here's the progress of the print so far!
Everything seems to fit quite well tgther, though there's still some gaps here and there...

The jaw movements seems alright. Will post a vid on tht soon!

Gonna start figuring out the mechanism to motorized it! *fingers crossed*



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I'm working on motorizing my mk42 as well, it's not like the mk3 where it has slots to put rods to the face plate can move up. The mk42/43 is gonna be a monster to tackle but xrobots on youtube has some good tutorials to watch for laying the groundwork to get started. I think just behind you in progress, I have to bondo, prime and paint it before I add electronics to it. I'm gonna have my tied into my forearm and arc reactor so it all works together. Good work though.


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Thanks! I'll update my progress on the mechanism here!
It's definitely a challenge! But thts the fun of what we are doing isn't it! ^^


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Been really busy with work and squeezing time for this!
Here's an update on my progress. Finally done finishing and painting!
Moving on to electronics and the mechanism now!