Iron Man MK33 - Silver Centurion Arc Reactor


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Hello everyone,

I was asked to make the MK33 - Silver Centurion Arc Reactor by a client and here are the results...

So it started from some reference I found on the net and some provided by the client.

I traced it via CAD to get accurate dimensions

Then designed it... the thickness of the casing is important to prevent LED hot spot

Made the parts...

Proceeded to painting and assembly...

I used gun-metal paint color for the element to resemble real metal look

Clear acrylic glass on top

NEXT.. will be installing the electronics real soon...

Keep building everyone... cheers!

14717026187_e64a59066b_b.jpgHPIM0626.JPGHPIM0627.JPGHPIM0628.JPGHPIM0629.JPGHPIM0632.JPGMK33 AR3.JPGMK33AR parts.jpgMK33AR trace.jpg


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Digging into details on the reference photos I saw some layering which are a bit subtle but still gives the arc reactor more depth and intricacy... I tried to copy it using a thin clear acrylic and here are the results....

I cannot find a clear adhesive that will not affect the transparency of the acrylic so I just minimized the amount I put on it

Will proceed on the electronics shortly.... cheers!



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Another quality project PE7. I just love the pieces you put out there. Looking forward to seeing the end result...GM


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Here is the final result...

The electronics consists of 26pcs 5050SMD Super bright LEDs

Powered by 3 AA batteries

That's all folks.... should you have any inquiry, just send me a PM.

Keep building everyone... cheers!

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hi, a little late but i saw the thread recently, so this is a picture of the final MK33 arc reactor by pRoJectEarth7 11755920_726926094096940_779293180948228843_n.jpg

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