Iron Man Mk III From Foam, Cardboard And Scraps


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Like the failed Batman I tried. Cardboard, foam, and whatever else I can scrounge up. This is only my second build ever so be gentle.

Iron Man begins:


See my most obvious mistake. I need to round out that neckline a lot more.

And increase the angle on the pecs.
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A corrected collar.



I hate the fact that the duct tape really hides the details. Will be going back to packing tape for the mock-up. My plan is to mock-up the individual pieces then when I like what I see finish w/hot glue... and maybe a duct tape overlay. Now to hang some ribs.

And we have a rib.




Some small alignment issues showing and I think I still need to tighten that neckline but I'm pretty happy so far.

Oh, and I need to trim the ribs.
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More hot glue and just the tiniest bit of trimming.




Angle is still a little off on the chest but I'm locking it in for now. I'm also starting to think about fit and finish. MCL34N's duct tape on cardboard idea seemed to have turned out really well for the exterior. I'm thinking about doing that and the going the extra step and adding a couple of coats of Krylon... or something a little cheaper. I would like to get as smooth a texture as I can with as little investment as possible.
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