Iron Man Mk 7 foam build - free handed!


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Hello all, I’ve been working on this suit for a couple months now and decided I would share with you all! It is entirely free handed, so unfortunately no template at the moment. I primarily used 8mm foam but the helmet is 6mm foam. Foam sheets were purchased from TNT cosplay.
I have never taken on a build this big. It was definitely challenging but I have years of experience working with foam. Will post more photos as I progress!

8153052B-EE4A-4A0A-935C-72B7E53798AE.png 59C825F9-D714-4957-9C54-2B27C47EFB77.jpeg 8A7D944B-86F1-4FBD-9946-3EC8B42FC9A1.jpeg AEC8E9A9-2120-44B7-AFD7-6163B709F131.jpeg 314FC1B4-0B6B-46C3-B462-C5FADDAA87A2.png C5FE01A0-5FD0-4428-BECA-DCFE17839352.jpeg 5EF4E826-A9DA-4B6D-A329-3A5F10B08CB8.jpeg B1F1E1E2-3285-4C02-B6C5-03BCEA0032B3.jpeg 9A9A8C76-D937-4398-8CF1-28B2638BCB23.png 11346B6A-D348-41CE-9992-3672991FE113.png 7B876905-049A-4211-90CF-0B0588D22A55.jpeg C9C6A722-CD85-48FF-99F4-ECFC2851FEB1.jpeg CE6A9A17-16F1-4FDE-86E0-40329E7C853A.png F19531CC-7404-46B2-A961-0C31960A4D12.jpeg
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