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hello, I introduce myself, I am a young designer and model maker for 22 years, French and living in France. I apologize for my language mistakes.

I decided to make the iron man mark 4, with my hands.
I got a tracer silhoutte SD, which will allow me to move faster.

I wanted to test my ability in the art of Pepakura by making the armor of the war machine.

I used the paper density of 180 g, for a good rigidity, for the assembly, I use the "cyanoacrilate" industrial, activator's natural (a cotton stalk and a bit of saliva applied on the part of the paper), to shorten the curing time to 3 or 4 seconds. I use this proce because I can not wait. for cutting elements. for the parties that will be folded, I redesigned with a touch and cut all other the parties, with a surgeon's scalpel, changed every 3 hours.

For the armor of the war machine, so I put 3 weeks for the cutting, during my summer vacation, and 3 other weeks for the assembly.

For the armor I juggled with my work, my free hours and my girl friend.
well, what else to say. I let you discover my work.
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the other photos in the next post
for the Iron Man armor, I used the inclusion resin for rigidify the structure and seal it , then for cast the resin "Smooth-Cast" inside ( a good alternative at fiberglass), and continue finishing with putty.
News of my project
I just finished assembling the left arm. I make just one once the forearm arm and the elbow, knowing that the right and left are similar.
For the forearm at this time I hasn't any cyanoacrylate so I looked for use scootch, used in the model and indeed it's very convenient.
Looks awesome, how hard was it to bend the 180g paper?
The 180gr paper become easy to fold, if you pass on the lines with a pen tip, or with a pencil or a dry point. It allows paper to reduce thickness on fold lines and paper is easier to fold.
I'm back after several months of absence, because of my demenagement of the French capital to the province (Toulouse).
Until I find a job, I work to assemble the armor.

Today I finished assembling the left tibia and since few days I spreaded out polyesthere resin without fiberglass inside some parts of the armor to reinforce it
Here is the result of my work. The first photo part and hardening of the parts.
The rest is a foot that I have to do today.
hello hello, I'm back,
I just finished a few minutes ago hand of iron man.
It was very difficult because of the size of components to be assembled, but hey it's not too bad, after resin, I can rework all default.

bonus, a few photos of the left thigh to the tibia and foot, to realize of the size, for not having worked for nothing
that's it, I go into the party most difficult (I think).
I have a lot of apprehension with the putty! Do I have stretch the putty on the angles of the model or to spread generously over all paper ? But finally it just happens. With a bit of Hardener into the sealant, there's plenty of time to stretch the putty before it begins to gel and become hard.
To which is inside the armor, unlike many of you, I prefer to use the polyester resin to seal and a second layer of resin cast fast F52/53 with eight minutes of pot life (by Ren Shape) with it structurally sound for the filler and sanding
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