Iron Man Mk 6 Foamcore & Fabric

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by isusuperman, May 11, 2012.

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    I am starting this thread to try and give others a small option in Iron Man suit making. It isnt perfect but I cant paint or sand that well ore I am just not patient enough to really want to. So I will do a step by step on how I am doing my suit using the Robo files modified by Stealth. And Thank you to everyone out there that does Pep creating Modifing, you guys make life a lot easier for me and others. I also plan to do a MK7 made by Darkside also.

    Here is a shot of the chest I have right now. I did the silver due to one of the toys I have.


    Here is my EVA Foam Suit covered in Fabric. This is the third day i wore it in a row. So that is a big part of the durability issues i had.


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    That looks great! Really looking forward to following this thread.
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    Looks pretty awesome. I am a little impatient too, so I can't wait to hear your insight into fabric covering. I have a thousand questions! Looking forward to your posts.
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    Hey I saw somebody else using this method. Was a tutorial ever made?
    Can somebody link me as this appears to be inactive now.

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