Iron Man MK 5 Animatronic Helmet Reviews


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Well I don’t believe it. A year and a half after offering it, I got this notification…


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Oh yeah? How long did it take to arrive? And how are the mechanics on the helmet? Are they holding up? If I can get out of my order with Toys Wonderland I'd be happy to go elsewhere.
Ehi, sorry for the lage reply, you probably already got yours! It arrived in 20 days. The mechanics works good. I am still verh happy about the purchase


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Well my seller ripped me off. Preordered 2 years ago on eBay the seller kept pushing the date back every time I asked citing Covid until eventually he just stopped responding altogether. I’m well out of my window to claim a refund so it is what it is. A shame as he has a damn near perfect seller rating.

But that’s the cost of doing business. Just ordered another preordered another off Amazon. I’m an American living in Japan and the Yen here is tanking so basically I got it for 30% off. Not bad. Can’t wait to see it come around.


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I got one on Etsy from a seller called "ShiningParty". Took about 6 weeks to arrive.

This thing is 100% definitely unlicensed, but still very cool. Fits my large (24") head, with the face plate only sometimes lightly touching my nose when it closes (but not hard enough to be unpleasant). English voice commands are very responsive, even picks up whispers. I can see out of the unlit eyes just fine. When lit, I can see a little bit out of the left eye but not enough to walk around confidently. The paint job and the sound effects re very convincing. I made a short demo video and sent it to some friends, and 100% of them assumed it was a metal helmet.


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I got an update that is now expected to ship mid-July. I guess I can wait a few more weeks since I ordered this like a year ago. I’m almost at the point to expect more shipping delays…

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