Iron Man MK 3 Incredibly Stupid Bicep Question



Hey everybody. As some might know, I'm working on a MK 3 build out of foam using Dancin Fools files, which are really great, but the bicep, in fact, almost the entire arm, is nearly
impossible to make an accurately shaped piece without having gaps from the pep file and such. I hope I'm being clear............ but yeah, anybody experience the same problem? I did watch Xrobots' tut on modifying pep files to foam but I didn't understand a word after watching and re-watching it... Thanks for tolerating my stupidity.... pretty new to this.......:facepalm
Unknown.jpeg Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 11.49.23 PM.png


Are you using the original paper pep files? There is a foam version of Dancin Fools mk2/mk3 file on JFCustom's thread if that helps?


I'm using his foam files actually. Xrobots actually commented about the odd cuts and such, but DF said that he didn't have time to fix them....
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