Iron Man Mask out of sheet metal.


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Continued with my paper one. Fibred, puttied and ready to be grinded. I have a ton of car shops around the corner. They can help me paint the mask when it is finished. Maybe making a mold first... Updates soon!


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Hello, I'm rather new here.
I'm a student and id like to attempt to make the full suit, or at least the torso, as my big project for my welding class. I've made a few pieces already with both paper and cardboard, but metal just seems the way to go [if a little heavy however.]
I have access to a metals shop[Foundry, folding presses, mills, drills, lathes, all available] and a welding shop With a CNC plasma cutter [Torches, Mig, Tic, and arc machines available], however no soldering station. I may also have access to a 3D printer for a chest piece, as i figure plastic will be easy to light.

Anyways i was wondering if anyone had any tips for this sort of thing. Thanks a lot for anything, I really appreciate your time.