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Hello everyone,

Don't really know if i'm at the good place for this subject, but I'm okay if someone could move the thread at the good place. /* Noobie:eek:ff */

I know I'm maybe late, after Iron man 3 and Avenger 2 -AoU-, after this, the Mark42/43 isn't the most popular one (Maybe I'm wrong). But I often worked on this Mark, (I'm an illustrator, I don't make Cosplay, this is too difficult, guys you have all my congratulations for the marvellous work you've done).

So what I made when Iron Man 3 was on the big screen :


I was in love with this suit for many reasons, the proportions are perfect, this is a realistic armor (wearable, Robert Downey Jr got one in papercraft). The colors and the shapes are great, that was a new kind of armor, and I went totally crazy and design all this view. But now, with some backups I think I can do better.

And I think it could be helpfull (?) I'm trying to make the most detailled Mark 42/43 (be honest, only the colors changed) blueprint for the person who want to print it (3D) or for the cosplayer.

I don't know yet If I will color the armor but, that's not really the purpose. So that's what I've done this morning (Watch Out this is a High Reslution one, all my future blueprints will be like this 8000p):
View attachment BluePrint.PNG

EDIT : Some news; the comparison between the old version I made and the new
View attachment 04209yHqLIw08.PNG

I hope I was explicit, I'm gonna post some other POV-blueprint after finishing this one.

/* Sorry for my english, I'm not American or english */
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I'm working on it, this is an update (8000p)
View attachment 15-05-15-1.PNG
Hope that will help some of you :)

EDIT: Watch out, I think some pieces doesn't have the good size, according to the other part. I will check all the different pieces one after one when this POV will be finish(ed?). If some of you will be interest by a Vectoriel File at the end tell me.


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