Iron Man Mark VII Foam Build (2017) Epoxy reinforced


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Hey members of the RPF,
After a long downtime with nearly no motivation I am back online and I will start my new project. After I watched the new Avengers Age of Ultron movie my motivation is on a new highpoint and I decided to start another suit with new materials and techniques. I am nearly three years on this forum now and when I started there were only two methods of building an Iron Man suit. The first one was Pepakura and the second a foam build. STEALTH and XRobots inspired me in building Iron Man suits because the Pepakura method was to difficult I thought. Now we have 3D printers and guys who work with metal like Sandbagger or other ones with Cardboard, Pepakura or Foam and there is an large amount of ways to get an Iron Man suit. There are people out there in the forum who are extremely professional and there quality is amazing like JayCVenlo, BlickfangQ2, TheRocketeer, Jackieisrockin, IM Nation and many other ones. All of these methods have there pros and cons and I decided to make an Cardboard suit which will be very accurate ( as accurate as possible). I will do the Mark VII from Avengers because it has such an different look and for me it is like a tank or something like that. After my work on the Mark 42 is finished now I will do this one now and I hope you will all help me with this build.

the-avengers---iron-man---suit-up-mark-vii-hd-2.jpg Iron_man_mark_vii_armored_suit_3d_model_by_scarlighter-d55p5u9.jpg

At the moment I am waiting for Darkside501st V2 files of the Mark VII so that I can start with the boots, shins and thighs which will defenitely will took me a few months to build. I ordered everything I need to start my build and the materials will arrive within the next 2-3 weeks.

The community on this forum is amazing and you gave me so much feedback on my old suits and also improvement suggestions which helped me a lot. I hope that it will be the same on this build now specially because this material is completely new for me. I made my experiences with foam now and it is an great material but now I will build an completely wearable and great looking suit.

Here is an photo of my old Mark 42:


An the link to my old threat:

And sorry for the bad English I am from Germany :D


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Re: Iron Man Mark VII Cardboard Suit (Waiting for new files)

Beautiful M42 (y)D
I can't wait to see your M7 :popcorn


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Re: Iron Man Mark VII Cardboard Suit (Waiting for new files)

After 2 years of downtime I am back here in the Forum and also highly motivated to start the Mark VII now ! I solved a few problems and had a few tests and I will go with foam again but this time it will be strenght with Epoxy and glass filament fabric to get it much less flexible and to hold it in shape. I will start with the first piece in about one week when testing has finished and I have my final way of building this suit.

I hope that here are still some members who remember me from my old Mark 42 build back in the days and I hope that you will enjoy this build thread as much as I will do.

Mark 42:


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Has anyone an idea if there is an accurate cast of an Mark VII helmet available ? I know back in the days that someone wanted to do a run. The Mark VII helmet is different from the Mark 6-2 and I really dont find any accurate version to buy
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