Iron Man Mark VI foam build "hybrid" for halloween 2011 Ready!

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by angelhabid, Oct 23, 2011.

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    Hello, after reading an watching a lot of threads I decided to build the Mark VI armor using the cheapest materials possible, the total cost was like 140 for everything you see, including the parts I did not built

    For the arm repulsors, I used the repulsor glove toy (14 bucks each on walmart) and for the helmet i unsed the official movie helmet (25 bucks on ebay) and then modified it and reinforced. i used some window hinges from lowes (4 bucks each)

    for the eyes and chest y used 3 old solar garden light (3 bucks each at walmart)

    for the neck and abs y used foamies and the rest of the suit is white foamboard and paint

    I used the foam pepakura templates as a base and then modified to cut the less pieces possible on the foamboard... and of course a lot of hot glue
  2. MoMoney86

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    Which helmet did you use exactly?
  3. angelhabid

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    I used the plastic one that they sell with the Marvel's official armor replica, got it separately at ebay for like 25 bucks
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    Wow not bad for only $140 bucks. I've spent that on just paint for my IM build.

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