Iron Man Mark VI Build........Yep another one! (Iron man walks the mall, Pics added!)


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Hello everyone,

After seeing a lot of IM builds I could not help myself, I wanted to build one. I want to start off by thanking Robo3687 for the Pep files, Stealth and what he does at TheHeroTutorials and Blackdynamo1 for his thread. You guys have inspired me to do my own build and have made it possible for me to do so.

This is my very first Pep build and I have to say its not as easy as I thought it was going to be. I have been working on this for about 3 months so far and just about finished pep'ing all the parts. I just have a few small parts left, the feet and neck.

I have the armor on a duct tape dummy that Stealth showed us how to make. So the dummy very close to my size, I would like to know what you guys think about the proportions of the pieces.

I am open to any comments and helpful tips. So if you see anything that doesnt look right please let me know. As of right know I have to scale up the left thigh, back and the helm (This will be the 3rd helm I have made). Im not 100% sure if i need to scale up the abs, the ab belt and back, so any and all comments are welcome.


My dummy is leaning a bit because I popped out one of the hip joints while i was moving it. Ill have to fix it one day =)

The top ab fell out for this pic and I didnt notice it till just now lol




Well that is what I have so far. I will most likely finish up the last pieces and start fiberglassing after christmas. I just wanted so see what everyone thinks about what I have so far.

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Re: Iron Man Mark VI Build........Yep another one!

Looks great thus far. I am curious as to when you started. You are further then I am and I started a while back. Looks great though


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Thanks! And thinking about it I guess it more like 3.5 months. I started just before my daughter was born and she just turned 3 months a few days ago.
Im one of those people that when I start something I just obsess about it and work on it as much as I can. Every time she is napping or eating Im cutting out pieces and gluing =)

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Re: Iron Man Mark VI Build........Yep another one!

Looks amazing. Abs do look a tiny bit small but it's hard to tell on the dummy.


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Re: Iron Man Mark VI Build........Yep another one!

Thanks everyone for the kind words!

I was able to do a little more work. I had to redo the helm because it was way too small and of course the next one was way too big but the third one was just right.



The one in the middle is the one that fits.

I was also able to get both shoes done.

The only thing left is to redo the back, make the neck and a few other small parts. Im hoping to start fiberglassing in the next week or so. I will post more pics when to do!


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Trust me after the first one I didn't want to lol. Its not putting the helm together that bugs me. Its the 15 pages I have to cut out. But now im happy with it and don't have to make another.........unless I mess up with fiberglassing, installing the motor or the lights. Let's hope I don't =)

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Re: Iron Man Mark VI Build........Yep another one!

Ok I have a small update, I made the abs out of foam and re-peped the back. I also went out and got all the stuff to fiberglass and bondo everything. So hopefully tomorrow i will be able to start the fiberglass.

Here is a few pics of what I did.

this is the foam I used. I wanted the roll but no stores around me had it.



Here are the abs. There are a few things i dont like aboutt hem and will eb fixing. This was my first attempt at using foam.



Here is the new back, Ignore the old abs Im to lazy right not to take them off and put the new ones on.

So if everything goes as planned tomorrow Ill start the fiberglass and post some pics!


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Well it rained all day today so I wasn't able to get anything done. The ones I did yesterday are still tacky, so ill be adding more hardner to the mix next time. I hope I get to work tomorrow but they say its going to rain again. Might just have to get out the canopy and work any ways! Ill update if anything happens tomorrow.

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Re: Iron Man Mark VI Build........Yep another one!

So I didn't want to wait for the rain to stop so i had to make my own dry area!

I figured out that I didnt put enough hardner in the mix before and thats why the pieces did not dry. Today I added a lot more and it worked perfect! I was able to redo the pieces from before and a bunch of new ones! Here are a few pics of what I did today.



I also got the cod piece and both forearms done today. Tomorrow I will be finishing up the helm, thighs, chest and back. If I have enough time ill start the fiberglass mat in the insides. Ill update when I get more done!

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Re: Iron Man Mark VI Build........Yep another one!

Out of my own ongoing curiosity, I emailed 3M the following question regarding tackiness:

If I am using Bondo® Fiberglass Resin, 401, and did not add enough
hardner and it is still tacky, can I apply heat to it to make it cure?

Their email response:

If not enough hardener was added the resin may never cure. Heat most likely will help the cure (again, if enough hardener was added). May take up to 3 to 4 hours to cure. If the product doesn't harden after 4 to 5 hours, the resin will need to be removed.
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