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Hi Guys , I decided to start a new run for my MARK III armor finished armor parts since ive complete all armor orders in hand and that allow me to start to take new orders and can start working as soon after confirmed . Also received few request about my MARK III armor and thought i shall start a new offer thread .

My full finished MARK III armor were sketch build and sculpted on a standard male mannequin . So it can fits from 5'9" to 6' and above of standard athletic body size , If your not reach that height , u may also purchase the Elevator shoe and wear inside the shoe armor to achieve the accurate height of Iron man . Most of the parts made by High quality Resin / Fiberglass cast and painted with 2K automotive paint , expect the NECK , Waist Armor , Arm and all joint covers , and the Finger cover are cast and painted by P.U rubber material . Its more hard compared to urethane rubber , but it will keep in perfect shape forever...

All lights will be included such as Helmet lenses light , Palm lights and Chest light , with Super bright White LED lights powered by Battery and with small on off switch . I will also include body belting and strips in arms and legs armor with bracket to pull all parts together while suit up . Its semi ready to wear armor as u need minor adjustment to suit up or create some hinge system into the armor by your own method so that more easy for u to suit up and wear it perfectly on u . Other than that , u wont need to put much work into it .......[/B]

The Full finished MARK III armor as above cost 3400 USD + Shipping cost by DHL EXPRESS or Aramex EXPRESS . Pls send me your full address and i can get accurate shipping cost quote for u .

If u confirm to place order , I need a deposit of 1000 USD upfront to start proceed with your order , the rest of remaining balance + shipping cost when im done and ready to ship your order . Usually the turn around time is 8 - 10 weeks .

My Paypal acc :

Pls PM me if u have any question .

Thanks for watching and good day to u .

Heres some pics of my full MARK III armor parts .

P1020200.jpg P1020201.jpg P1020202.JPG

IMG_6839.jpg IMG_6849.jpg

IronmanMarkiii.jpg IMG_6808.jpg

Body belting and strips :

DSC01754.jpg DSC01757.jpg

Also some pics of my previous member that suit up perfectly in MARK III armor :

IronManPose.jpg tony_stark1.jpg

375583_10150917561782115_506754944_n.jpg 480444_4898662342506_1312149456_n.jpg
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Sadly the neck seal for mine is way to small to fit me, and I'm still waiting on the foot cover that I asked about over a year ago :)
Please can you send me the price including shipping to Dubai U.A.E?

Hi , Thanks for interested . The price of full armor is on the first post . Kindly PM me your full address and i will get the accurate shipping cost to u via DHL EXPRESS and ARAMEX EXPRESS .

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Hello, could you please give me an estimate on the price and shipping costs to Australia.

Thanks . PM me your full address so i can forward to my shipping acc officer for accurate shipping quote . ;)
Hi..ive sent you a pm about supplying me a spare part for my mk 3 armour you of the front metal collars on top of the breast plate..? Can you help
Excellent work..masked rider has got straight back to me about my spareparts required for my mk3 armour. ..!!
Thanks mate..excellent customer service!!.
Masked rider...have you recived my return message to the pic you sent me?
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Unfortunately not many have the customer service Leslee offers, from prompt replies and updates and after sale customer service is hard to beat. Got my Ironman statue from him a few months ago and its by far the smoothest transaction I have ever had and had quite a few, can't wait for his Man of Steel costume :) keep up the excellent work my friend we need more people like you.

Leslee, What would be the cost for a set of hands? Do you supply the repulser discs in the hands as well? Also, how does your armor attach to the body belt etc? Do you have other pictures?

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