Iron Man Mark 7(ish) Build


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Hi Everyone,

Ive been floating about viewing this site ever since I decided I wanted to build my own Iron Man suit, just soaking up all the knowledge that people are happy to share about pepakura and costuming in general. Since ive now started to make some progress on my build i figured id better show everyone what I am up to and help others where I can.

So after starting a foam mk 42 build some time in January I realised that foam was not what I wanted, you cant get as good a finish as I would like and the durability is not as good. So after a lot of deliberation I decided that using foam patterns and corrugated card I could make it rigid with polyester resin and fibreglass scrim tape and then begin the fun task of body filler and sanding, I have done vintage motorcycle restoration in the past so i was fairly well versed in the endless sanding necessary.

As you can see its not a faithful reproduction of the Mark 7 arm as I have done away with a lot of the detail and gone for overall smoothness. This piece has also only just been sprayed and still needs tidying and obviously some form of weathering, i have also done away with that single joint at the elbow and replaced it with compression articulated joint. Not only does it cover that centre bit in the arm but also allows more flexibility ( i can almost touch my nose and can definitely drink a beer while wearing, high priority stuff), i do need to add in a piece at the back to cover the gap between the elbow armour and the back of the bicep.

Ill try to keep the thread updated as I build, but the progress is fairly slow due to the renovation of our house as well as work and a few other projects.

Thanks for viewing.


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Thanks George, its taken a while to get to this point and post anything up as i didn't want to do so until i had something to show without feeling embarrassed. There are a lot of good builds on here of all types and it seems like a really good community.


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IMAG0929.jpg IMAG0930.jpg

Okay so it has been a good few months since i last posted about my build so i thought id show my progress. I have been working on the chest and back as of late which appear that no matter how much work i put into them there is always an infinite amount more. Id say im at about the 60% mark with these pieces with lots of work left on the front, sides and back.

Ill try and take more pictures while i work on these and keep the thread a little more up to date, hoping that i can get these finished off before the winter sets in and i cant work outside any more.


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IMAG0940 (1).jpg IMAG0939.jpg

Yesterday i managed to find time to do some work on the chest plate, after another round of sanding and filling i managed to get the undercoat of silver down. I plan to have the traditional red and gold paint scheme with some weathering, so started by trying to produce a good metal finish to build on top of.

I started with a coat of gloss black which i then rubbed in one direction with wire wool when it was nearly dry, after that i lightly dusted the piece with an automotive silver paint and finished by rubbing the edges with a lighter rub and buff to try to get the edges to shine as that is where the chipped paint effect will mostly be applied. The arc reactor housing is a spot light casing, i am not sure if it is what i will use in the final piece but fills the gap for now.

My next step is to get the back piece to the same stage, which requires another couple of hours work at the very least. Once done I will be applying toothpaste to the areas i require scratches and doing the main spray, i will try and document that process for anyone who hasn't seen it before.


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I am really curious on how you made the compression articulation joint. What material is it made from and how is it held together?


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That one was made using 0.8mm polypropylene sheet which I then heat formed and pop riveted together. I'm not entirely happy with that method however, so I'm going to remake them using 0.5mm sheet aluminium.

I'll take some pictures when I remake them, but it will be a while as I'm currently on the chest and back piece before winter sets in.
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