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Ok finally bought the 3D Model for the Iron Man Mark 5, but I am going to need help from the 3D Modellers of this forum to work on the model with cleaning up open edges and other errors before this can be turned into Pep/Foam Files for everyone. So who wants to work with me on this? The 3D Models will not be put here but will be sent to those that want to help, they are in OBJ, 3DS and MAX formats.

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It's from 3D Studio I paid 20 for it to turn it into Pepakura files, the model was posted a while back, and I tried contacting the original modeller weeks ago but no response.
Im currently working on a Mk V pep file, just fyi :)

Awesome, I wanted to try a Mark 5 Build after an Iron Patriot :D

It seems that Mark 5 is quite difficult to get 99% screen accuracy on a foam or fibreglass build, which is maybe why no one has made one yet? (bar a few decent attempts from free hand I have seen like this dude who got banned for some reason?)

Lots of little intricate pieces that move together, or articulated.
I certainly would like to try. It could turn out totally Bad Ass. Especially with a really good paint finish. (y)thumbsup:thumbsup
I would actually LOVE to see someone make this of tin.....that would probably be the best if you want to make it fold or even for the small parts for which foam and fiberglassed/bodoed paper will be too thick .....
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