Iron Man Mark 45


Hi all,

I'm interested in learning if anyone is preparing to, or in the process of, building pep files or unfolds for the Mark 45 armour in Age of Ultron.

I am most certainly going to be building the armour, and intend to use some new methods to improve on my previous three IM projects, with the intent of getting something done for the Winter conventions.

Recently, I'm getting the impression that pepakura designers are getting more reluctant to share their creations as people are abusing good will for either credit or profit. As such, I'm concerned that I might struggle to get a hold of any files.

Before I give consideration to taking the plunge and teaching myself Blender to do a sub par job myself, I'd appreciate it if people could let me know if they were going to be doing it themselves, and if so whether I could either work with them on the project or perhaps compensate peoples' efforts.

I've been utterly grateful for the fantastic free files that I've used in the past on my Mark 7 and 42 builds, and really hope I can keep going.



Yes, thanks for that. I have seen the recent "3D modelling" thread, but it wasn't very clear in terms of the intentions. Just looking for anybody willing to disclose if they are working on this in the background right now.