Iron Man Mark 42 Replica Armor Practice (Cardboard)

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by HeerMeMoo, Jul 30, 2015.

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    Hello everyone! Being the first post I've made, I believe that I should introduce myself. I am Gregory Pastor-Hall, I'm 13, and i'm making a iron man suit replica and i decided to join the forums to seek advice and to prosper beyond my own limits in my design capability. This post will currently have the cardboard practice model and if that goes well i'll move onto the real foam replica.

    Here's What I Have So Far(Chest):
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    It's always encouraging to see the young'uns starting into prop/costume making:) The cardboard you're using is not the best for cutting and getting straight lines. That said it's a mock-up as you've mentioned. It's also good to see what kind of everyday household product you could use to do that reactor rim. Look around you and you'll discover treasures!
    Keep on trucking, it's the only way to improve. Eager to see your next update.
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    New Update!

    I moved the upper plates of the chest back/into position and i expanded the outer edges!


    I also request a link to a mark 42 foam helmet template.

    More Updates Soon!
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    SORRY FOR THE BUMP! Can staff please PRIVATE/HIDE/LOCK this thread for me WITHOUT DELETING IT? Much appreciated, thanks!

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    A great start, don't get discouraged by hiding this post. Search other threads and read, read, read. YouTube tutorials are helpful as well. Like Joberg said lots of treasures to be discovered here. GO MAN GO
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