iron man helmet.

Howat Props

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I know its been done several hundred times by now but i wanted to try and sculpt something that is suppose to look machined, because I've never tried that before. So here it is so far! i still have to add the electronics and what not but its almost done.

11287185_1004360099577150_1633074312_n.jpg 11303526_1004359699577190_1050713328_n.jpg 11303421_1004359642910529_1278081161_n.jpg 11287336_1004359509577209_689147057_n.jpg 11356158_1004359356243891_798297751_n.jpg 11355489_1004359322910561_438252815_n.jpg 11348800_1004359312910562_1478562265_n.jpg 11270979_1004359292910564_1872211756_n.jpg 11355584_1004346826245144_1311644708_n.jpg
11304291_1004346992911794_483905972_n.jpg 11303668_1004346999578460_985995564_n.jpg

Howat Props

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thank you! it was certainly a test of patience anyway!

- - - Updated - - -

1903208_1006192426060584_1988952904_n.jpg 11287077_1006192429393917_1775423415_n.jpg Got the jaw and faceplate to sync up when it opens. Tricky stuff!

Howat Props

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What is the purpose of that pushrod? attached to the jaw?
in the iron man movies the jaw actually opens slightly along with the faceplate, so the push rod is attatched to the end of the faceplate hinge so they open and close together. its a little difficult to see in the picture
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