Iron Man Helmet Paint

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    I bought a few helmet casts to save me a lot of time in getting it to this stage. A mark 7 and the Ultron version. Doing a heavily battle damaged version of the mark 7 based on this:


    How it currently looks:



    Just needs all the scratches added and clean this up a bit then time to paint it. I was wondering the best paint match though for the standard colour scheme. Both in terms of colour match and for the right finish as well. All I have is automotive paint from halfords but it gives a gloss finish and for most things I dont like that. Not sure what is best to use for this so it looks as accurate as possible. Guessing airbrush would give a better finish too. I have one but never used it yet

    Im in the UK so stuff we can get here would be helpful. Cant get most US stuff here nor would I import it

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