iron man helmet out of cardboard/pepakura


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ok, so out of boredom from having nothing to do while i wait to get fiberglass and resin for my eod helmet i decided to start on another helmet, but this time not from halo. ive never done anything ironman related before so i thought it was the perfect chance to do his helmet!

im using the same method i used with the eod helmet i made using the pepakura file made by sharkmark and modifying it for the cardboard.

heres some pics:





ok, so after having to wrire an essay last night i havent been able to get much done on this, but it is sstarting to take shape. so heres a small update:





ah im new to the whole pepakura thing, are you just using tape to hold it together? or how does it stay as a single piece?
ah im new to the whole pepakura thing, are you just using tape to hold it together? or how does it stay as a single piece?

Well, I'm using hot glue to hold it together, but I'm not done working on the top piece an just wanted to see how it looked so I taped it on temporarily.
The only other thing taped is the faceplate and that's because I'm keeping it a separate piece.
Nice looking like the real thing, but ouch what happened to ur hand in that last pic lol

Thanks! Haha well the scar closer up my arm is from a skateboarding accident from a few months ago, and the black is just some spraypaint that wouldn't wash off.
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