Iron Man Helmet Gantry Stand

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    I wanted a unique stand for my Iron Man helmet that I brought of Pannaus Props ages ago and I final got my act together and finishing it off.

    So here is the first CAD prototype I wiped up yesterday afternoon. I still need to add some screws between the arm joints and make some changes to the base to add a switch, battery and wiring.

    I plan on making this by hand with various diameter wood, but I may look into CNC and laser cutting if I can source it cheap enough.

    untitled.8.jpg untitled.9.jpg untitled.10.jpg

    I will upload some picture of the drawing and the helmet to show what the final display will look like.

    Anything else I need to add or change?

    I will Post updates as I go.
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    Any updates on this?!?!

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