Iron Man Gloves - in EVA foam?


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So, I'm working on a custom character, using part of the Iron Man armor as a base. I'm only using the left arm, and it's a mix of WM and Mk. VI armor right now.

The problem I've got at the moment, is getting the gloves.

Basically, it's supposed to be a robotic arm, and I'd either like a 3-fingered hand (thumb + 2 fingers), or a full glove. I'm doing this all in EVA foam, and have multiple thicknesses (I'd be using 2mm for the glove, obviously!)

Has anyone had any luck doing this? It doesn't really help that Robo's pep files don't fit my hand, while everything else fits fine. I'm also trying to keep costs down, so if I can do this with just EVA foam over a glove I have, that'd be fantastic.

3-Fingered gloves might be an impossibility, as fingers just don't all bend in a straight line.

Any help would be fantastic.
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