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Hey everyone

can some iron man experts give me some advice.

ive recently got myself a set of iron man hands in fiberglass. It's a little big and I had to trim the fingers down to fit my fingers.

When I first put them on, they are all nice and straight. But when I move a little, the fingers gets all wonky and doesn't sit well



Here it is after I move my fingers alittle




I have brought some of those red silicone kitchen ribbed mats to go inbetween the fingers. Will this enough to fix my problem?

any tips will be great
thanks in advance
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One way you can attach the fingers is to glue them directly to a glove or another way is to use thin elastic glued inside the fingers which keeps them aligned when you flex your fingers there are a lot of ideas on here just search iron man gloves



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What i did:

1. Connect the individual parts at the top-side(inside), using 5mm wide elastic band (with glue of course). This way you can bend your fingers and wenn no hands inside the fingers wil stay in a nice position.
2. At the left and right side of the fingers use a guitar string or an other rough kord. This wil keep the single parts allinged.


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I did the same as Jay
In the end used epoxy to glue guitar string in each finger.
CloseFinger.jpg Finger.jpg Fingers.jpg
To join each finger to the glove, I used dyed elastic band (coloured in red sharpie after dyeing)
Glove6.jpg Glove5.jpg Glove4.jpg Glove3.jpg Glove2.jpg Glove.jpg CousinThing.jpg Glove7.jpg
I tried Mockles ribbed rubber in between, but my fatty fingers meant it couldn't work, so I've left it as just silk gloves dyed at the moment (tried puff paint in it--- but might not)

I still use Mockles rubber for the wrist
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