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Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by ShrkAttk, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. ShrkAttk

    ShrkAttk New Member

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    Does anyone have an idea of how i could get some lift to hover off the ground for a coyple seconds.
  2. widescreen

    widescreen Well-Known Member

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    You could always get in touch with David Blaine.
  3. Demolition

    Demolition Well-Known Member

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  4. Kevin Gossett

    Kevin Gossett Master Member RPF PREMIUM MEMBER

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    You could always just build an advacned action suit...
  5. guyver3869

    guyver3869 New Member

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    If you figure this out, man the possiblities.
  6. SemperBourne

    SemperBourne Active Member

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    LMAO.. If you figure this out please post a vid right away
  7. markkNL

    markkNL Member

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    Are you serious? Because if you are you're either really young or really stupid...
  8. Rdmaul

    Rdmaul Well-Known Member

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    If you can figure this out then build a real Ironman suit for me please!
  9. thehorndogg

    thehorndogg New Member

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    It's not the lift off thats the problem you need the stabilizers in your hands to keep you up right
  10. bishopw

    bishopw New Member

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    um....jump? jk....seriously...GL.
  11. Werstrooper

    Werstrooper Well-Known Member

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    I bet something could be done for less than 200 hundred bucks
  12. PirateDude

    PirateDude Active Member

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    Just throughing it out there but would it be possible to build very strong plexi glass boxes to stand on to give the illusion of hovering?
  13. Ray22

    Ray22 Sr Member

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    You try jumping up high? :lol
  14. venator

    venator Member

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    Wind tunnel..

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