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Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by Xoxiao, May 11, 2012.

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    Hi guys, First of all allow me to apologise for my clueless-ness but i have been considering starting a project recently and i have browsed many IM costume making threads on here. A few things i have either neglected to remember/read correctly, first of all i am curious about the material that is best for these projects? I am a metal smith (15th century armours and a few unique commision projects) but i can see metal is not ideal..

    Since i am a noob to all of this my intentions are to attempt to make a IM helmet first of all so any advise would be greatly appreciated...
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    I prefer pep and fiberglass. take your time it's a pain but i like the result bc iron mans not squishy so foam was never an option for me. If you're used to working with metal i'd suggest reading a site called backyard metal casting, mainly lost foam casting. i'm doing my boots and helmet this way. i don't trust standing on fiberglass all night. aluminum is easy to work with just degass it well and it will take more than you would think. keep building it doesn't happen over a weekend but it's worth it.
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    Metal would be awesome, but few here have the skills, materials, or tools required to work metal. The vast majority here use a combination of paper/fiberglass/bondo or foam.

    Click here, and plan to spend the weekend reading. Welcome to the RPF!

    Edit: I should add, the process for pep/glass is the same regardless of whether you're building Iron Man, or Master Chief, or Storm Troopers. This site (RPF) is more super-hero-centric. The is Halo-centric. There are other forums for Star Wars, etc.... Find a sample costume you like, use that pep file, and get started. Good luck!
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    Honestly, since you are already a metalsmith work with the medium you know. Hammer it out!

    My advice would be to get the pepakura files and some card stock and put together the helmet. While using cardstock, 110 pound, you can use simple tape and put together helmets for scaling and testing purposes. Once you are familiar with the various items and can check the shape against the pep I would think you could make the helmet out of metal.

    Just because no one else around here works with metal doesn't mean you should not. You have the means and knowledge to really put a unique spin on an Ironman build off of pepakura files.

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    I would LOVE to see this done in metal. I'm making an Iron Man myself (MK 6), and I'm using foam. Having made things using the paper/fiberglass method befor, I am preferring the ease of foam, but either one is very rewarding. My best advice to you is, like Indogogyre said, at least consider the medium you know. However, if you would prefer something not nearly that heavy (depending on how long you are planning on wearing it at a time) pep and fiberglass or foam are both very user-friendly, as long as you have patience.

    Also, I would also like to welcome you to this forum. You won't be able to find a more helpful group of people, not to mention encouraging. Have fun :)
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    There was a French guy that was doing a suit out of aluminium sheet, have a search for "aluminium" or "aluminum" and you might find it. Since you're a metal worker, you're you can pull it off, it would be spectacular :)

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