Iron Man By Design Helmet Project


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Hi everyone, right now I'm currently looking for someone with a CNC Mill who would be interested in joining me on a project to do a run in the JY, but I'm planning to have the helmet millled. Then once the helmet has been milled, I'll clean it up, mold and do castings. The one thing that I'm currently stuck at right now is the CNC Milling. But to give you a glimpse.

Yes it's the same helmet from that thread we got the model from the same person it seems, it had a lot of errors in the geometry, which I repaired and converted the file to STL using netfabb. I also just tried taking a look at doing it with Shapeways, anybody got $8,000 by any chance. I honestly think the helmet looks cool and would be a good look for someone intrested in doing a Steampunk Iron Man.
I'm a huge fan of both Iron Man and Steampunk, so of course *I* love it. I also particularly love that it doesn't look like either of the two steampunk versions of Iron Man I've already seen! (one was a custom action figure, the other a cosplay from a Con)
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