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masked rider

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Hi Guys ,

We have been taking orders on this Life size MARK 45 statue ready for display on our FB page . And we have this " READY TO SHIP" Fresh out from the oven . Client placed order on our Christmas sales , while we offered only 5 of this MARK 45 life size statue in special sales price . And due to client lacked of payment.. so u will still enjoy the offer price of 4000 USD + shipping for this statue. Normal price is 4500 USD.

*This statue stands around 6' 4 - 5" , Iron man accurate height and perfect proportion.
* Highly detailed and movie accurate .
*Full statue made of High Quality Resin/ Fiberglass , painted with high quality 2K automotive paint .
*Eyes , chest , palms lights up , powered by AC adapter plug into wall power socket . With an on off switch at the back of the statue .

Kindly PM us to get accurate shipping quote . Feel free to post comments if u have any question . We also accept payment plan .

PM if u need more pics or videos .

Our loss is your gain . Dont miss this READY TO SHIP with no wait and Special price .










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my God this the real Iron-Man!!!Are these files available?Thank you masked rider for this beautiful piece of art,i'm speechless.And thank you blastmaster for these fantastic pictures,i think i would put it next to my bed, just kidding but damn this is better than in the movie.
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Heath Claiborne

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Is the one that is posted here the actual one that Blastmaster bought? So you received it in only 11 days or less? That’s refreshing to get a life size figure so promptly. I tried messaging Masked Rider about one both here and on Facebook but no response yet. It’s amazing work!
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